Functions - What POCASIO can do

POCASIO is the perfect solution if you want to organize your house construction or renovation project.

Building cost breakdown

With the cost overview you can see at a glance how high the planned and actual costs of your house construction are - including an overview of all KPIs.


Construction schedule

With the construction schedule you always have an overview of your construction schedule and know the next steps in your house construction.


Construction diary - privat & public

Note the construction progress of your project - internally for you and, if you wish, you can also share it directly on the public house construction blog.


Construction helper

Document the deployment of construction workers on your construction site so that you can report them correctly at any time if needed.

To-do list

Make a note of what still needs to be done - whether before during or after construction.


Make a note of the defects you have found that need to be rectified. So that you don't lose sight of anything.


All documents are stored centrally in one place so that you can access them anytime and anywhere.

Address book

Make a note of all the trades involved, addresses and contact details so that you have them to hand at all times.